A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

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A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

When I got divorced, it went off without a hitch. When my friends heard how easy it was, they were shocked. None of the people they knew had experienced the same easy separation I had. It was not problems with their spouses that was the issue. It was the attorneys. After talking to a few more people and my divorce attorney, I created this blog. I want to help others who are going through the divorce process understand their options. I also want people to realize that there are good attorneys who are committed to getting what is best for their clients.


3 Ways To Legally End Your Marriage

Being in a difficult marriage can be stressful and bad for your health. If you are considering a divorce, you will need to follow the necessary legal steps to do so. There is a variety of legal methods that may be used to end your marriage. Choosing the divorce type that best suits your situation is important for any couple that is in this predicament and wishes to start a new life solo.

Summary divorce

If you have been married for a short time, you may qualify for this type of divorce. There is a number of requirements that must be met, and these are listed below:

1.  You must be married for five years or less.

2.  You shouldn't demand spousal support to qualify for this divorce.

3.  You don't own a home together or have a mortgage payment in both of your names.

4.  You don't have any children jointly.

5.  Your assets doesn't exceed the amount of $35,000.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you may be able to end the marriage easily with this divorce type.

Contested divorce

One of the most complex ways to divorce is when one of the spouses wishes to end the marriage and the other one doesn't.  This will require a contested divorce for completion, and it will be necessary for the court to become involved.

Additionally, this is one of the most expensive ways to divorce,because of the battle involved when it comes to the division of the property and other final decisions. The average cost of ending a marriage by this method is over $15,000.

Uncontested divorce

When it comes to the simplest way to divorce, this may be your best option. The requirements of this divorce involve both of the spouses being agreeable to it.

Some of the advantages of this divorce type are listed below:

1. Reduced legal fees because of the couple working together.

2. Avoiding a long and drawn out courtroom battle.

3. The ability to end the marriage quicker because of little conflict.

4. Being able to make key decisions that are financially beneficial to both of the spouses.

Getting out of a troubled relationship may be difficult at first, but is usually worth it to both of the spouse when the divorce is finalized. By relying on the expertise of a divorce attorney, this will help you get through this challenging time.

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