A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

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A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

When I got divorced, it went off without a hitch. When my friends heard how easy it was, they were shocked. None of the people they knew had experienced the same easy separation I had. It was not problems with their spouses that was the issue. It was the attorneys. After talking to a few more people and my divorce attorney, I created this blog. I want to help others who are going through the divorce process understand their options. I also want people to realize that there are good attorneys who are committed to getting what is best for their clients.


Legal Help For Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is often thought of as being a silent killer. The early stages of this cancer exhibit no troublesome symptoms. Patients often report feelings of being bloated or a loss of appetite, symptoms that could be caused by a number of illnesses.

Among the many things that can contribute to the formation of ovarian cancer is the use of talcum powder. Women who use talcum powder regularly may be more prone to suffer from ovarian cancer. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you seek legal retribution for your pain and suffering.


The first step in any lawsuit involving a medical condition is a proper diagnosis by a qualified medical professional. Many patients discover that they have ovarian cancer only when tumors grow large enough to show up on an MRI.

Upon removal of the tumors, doctors can conduct a biopsy to determine if talc particles exist within the tumor itself. The presence of talc in an ovarian tumor can serve as the basis for a lawsuit against the company producing the talc you used on a regular basis.


Once you have a confirmed diagnosis that you are suffering from ovarian cancer. you need to contact a personal injury attorney immediately. Failure to explore your legal options quickly could result in an inability to file a complaint in a court of law.

Most states have a statute of limitations on personal injury cases, including lawsuits involving ovarian cancer and talcum powders. Working with an attorney as soon as possible will allow you plenty of time to prepare your lawsuit and file a complaint within the appropriate time limit.


The purpose of a lawsuit is often to obtain financial compensation for a perceived wrong. Battling cancer can take a toll on you and your family in a number of ways. Cancer treatments can be financially and emotionally draining.

By filing a lawsuit in court, you can seek damages for your illness. These damages can include the actual cost of medical treatments, prescription medications, and hospital stays. Damages can also be awarded for less tangible things like physical pain and emotional suffering.

There is help available if you feel that your regular use of talcum powder was a contributing factor in the development of your ovarian cancer. Statistics show that women who use talc regularly are 30% more likely to suffer from ovarian cancer during their lifetime. Contact a talc and ovarian cancer lawsuit lawyer to discuss your options today.