A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

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A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

When I got divorced, it went off without a hitch. When my friends heard how easy it was, they were shocked. None of the people they knew had experienced the same easy separation I had. It was not problems with their spouses that was the issue. It was the attorneys. After talking to a few more people and my divorce attorney, I created this blog. I want to help others who are going through the divorce process understand their options. I also want people to realize that there are good attorneys who are committed to getting what is best for their clients.


Pursuing Your Workers' Compensation Case

When a worker suffers a job-related injury, they could face a lengthy recovery process and substantial costs. To account for this risk, most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance coverage that will protect workers from these costs. Unfortunately, some individuals will experience problems when pursuing this claim, and this can lead to them needing to pursue legal action. When this is necessary, it is important to be prepared for the initial consultation with a workers' compensation attorney to ensure that you are able to effectively discuss your case. 

Gather Any Evidence That You Have Concerning The Accident

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a worker may have evidence that they can use when discussing the case with the attorney. A common example of this can be a person that takes photographs of their injuries or the conditions that led to the accident occurring. Gathering this evidence and bringing it with you to the consultation can help the attorney to better understand the facts surrounding the case.

Be Prepared To Provide Information About The Injuries And The Treatment That Was Required

The costs involved with recovering from the injury can be extremely high. In addition to the expensive medical costs that the worker may have to pay, there could also be lost wages. These two factors can often leave workers in dire financial conditions following an accident. Throughout the process of recovering from the injury, the worker should take steps to thoroughly document the costs that they have incurred as a result. This should include the medical treatment expenses, travel costs to the medical provider, missed wages, and other costs that are directly tied to the injury or accident.

Collect Copies Of Communications Concerning The Workers' Compensation Claim

Companies will typically have protocols in place for a worker that has suffered injuries or accidents while they are performing their duties. The first step in this may be notifying the relevant manager of the situation so that they can begin the process of filing a claim. Whenever you are communicating with these individuals, it is important to document the communications as closely as possible. When this is through email or text message, copies should be retained until the workers' compensation claim has been approved and processed. During verbal discussions, the worker should take notes immediately after the conversation so that they can avoid the risk of potentially forgetting significant details when recounting these discussions with potential workers' compensation attorneys.

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