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A Guide to an Amicable Divorce

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Have You Sued A Trucking Firm? Be Wary Of The Following Counterarguments

Pursuing compensation after a motor vehicle collision with a semi is not in many cases a straightforward process. In most cases, insurance companies are reluctant to pay a fair settlement for the damages sustained in the wreck. In fact, they hire lawyers to defend them against the plaintiffs' lawsuits. They may develop various defenses to distance the company from the collision. This article highlights some defenses and how your truck accident law attorney will be of help in pushing your claim.

They Had Nothing to Do With the Collision

This is the first claim you should expect from the trucking firm. In that regard, they may turn the liability to you, positing that you made a mistake that led to the crash. Furthermore, the company's legal team can argue that the truck maintenance person, the manufacturing company, or a car driver caused the crash. When the trucking firm raises these arguments, you need to contact a truck accident attorney immediately. 

Your lawyer will undertake a comprehensive investigation to unearth the wrongdoer. A thorough inquiry into the collision enables your attorney to link the trucking company to the crash. As such, you can confidently name the company as a defendant in your lawsuit. 

You Don't Have Evidence to Support Your Claim

The trucking company's legal representative could also allege that you're exaggerating your damages or injuries to get more money. In addition, they may disapprove of your evidence. Such allegations might make you fail to receive the rightful compensation. As such, you'll need to gather all available evidence to counter these allegations. 

Your attorney is quite invaluable in this situation. They will help you compile and preserve all the necessary information showing the trucking company's negligence. Moreover, your motorcycle attorney will help you collect medical evidence and non-economic damages, which are essential in the claim application process. 

You Made Your Situation Worse

You are supposed to seek immediate medical care after a truck crash. Doing so will enable your doctor to undertake a thorough examination and treatment for your injuries. They will then recommend a treatment plan to help you recover fully. However, failure to seek medical care or follow the recommended medical plan might trigger a legal battle with the trucking company. A good example is when the at-fault party claims that your injuries worsened because you didn't seek medical care at the right time. And so in such a case, your attorney will submit a medical report to show that you visited the hospital immediately after the collision.

The three arguments above are not a justification to deny you compensation after an automobile collision with a big rig. However, it is wise to hire a semi-truck accident attorney to help you dispute them.